There has never been a better way to treat varroa mite with a commercial oxalic acid vaporizer.

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Take extreme measures to treat varroa mites and keep honeybees healthy.

"With hundreds of products on the market, commercial oxalic acid vaporizer has become a number one choice in commercial beekeeping industry. In the world of parasites like varroa mite that destroys colonies in hours, honeybees deserve our attention and protection with treatment that works in minutes."

Varroa mite is a worldwide epidemic and causes deformation on the bee's wings known as Deformed Wing Virus (DWV). Being beekeepers in the California have done extensive research for more than 20 years and realized that Oxalic Acid evaporation is the most effective way to treat varroa in honeybee colonies.

Using Vaporization of Oxalic Acid will kill more than 95% of the varroa mites in your beehives. Oxalic acid is now EPA approved and will not harm your colony.

To use vaporization treatment method we have created a device that revolutionizes commercial beekeeping on a completely new level. Before creation of Treat Varroa Vaporizer, we tried all possible methods that industry can provide and bared the same frustration and time consuming results. Everything changed after our prototype delivered amazing results. We proudly present to you Treat Varroa Vaporizer, designed and manufactured by Bee Buck Inc., and we mean what we say about our product - “Made by beekeepers for beekeepers."

Treat Varroa Vaporizer is the best and fastest system available in the beekeeping industry. Designed for commercial beekeepers that maintain large numbers of colonies. Call us today +1(916)317-3330 to learn more about this vaporizer.

commercial oxalic acid vaporizer to treat varroa mite


"Built for Beekepers by Beekepers."

Nothing beats the speed of our commercial vaporizer. We're just like you, we wanted something that heats, treats and delivers results FAST. Here's what we got:


    Treats up to 300 hives an hour.

  • 95-99% EFFECTIVE

    Intensity of forced air with consistent heating, improves quality of oxalic acid vapor treatments. Results are unbeatable.


    Oxalic Acid is E.P.A. approved for treatment against the varroa mite.


Safety, Preparation, and Application.

  1. We strongly recommend wearing protective body gear, including breathing mask with charcoal filtering.
  2. To avoid any heat injuries use thick protective gloves.
  3. We recommend using portable air compressor and power generator required for use with our varroa treatment vaporizer.
  4. Use a large baster for application of Oxalic Acid and store it in a body pouch around your waist for quick and easy access.
  5. For best performance keep the tube clean from Oxalic Acid residue.
  6. Treat colonies during low brood periods, packages or swarms.


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